Performers Society of Nepal (PSN)


Who needs a license from PSN?
PSN’s license is required by any users who make use of music content to entertain the public for their business motive by any, firm or organization ,digital platforms,resturants,hotels,disco theque etc.
Some common examples of premises requiring licences include: broadcasting stations, hotels, clubs, restaurants, entertainment outlets, supermarkets, shopping complexes, retail shops, dance & aerobic schools, factory premises, online service providers and mobile content providers.
Types of Licenses
The license authorizes a licensee to use PSN's repertoire pursuant to the terms of the particular license granted, in consideration for which the licensee agrees to pay an appropriate fee. Depending on the nature of the usage, the licence granted by PSN is a contract, which can either be :
PERMIT Licence for public performance in a single event of a limited duration or ANNUAL Licence for public performance which can continue from year to year until terminated by either party or NEW MEDIA Licence for the use of music over the internet and mobile phones